Experience the mouthwatering taste of our Savoury Shawarma, Sandwiches and Burgers. Shawarma made with marinated meats, fresh vegetables, and flavourful sauces, our shawarma is wrapped in soft, warm pita bread. Enjoy the perfect blend of spices and textures that make this Middle Eastern favorite a hit. Sandwiches and Burgers, crafted with premium ingredients and creative recipes. Whether you prefer a classic BLT, a hearty cheeseburger, or a vegetarian delight, our sandwiches and burgers are made to satisfy. Each bite delivers a perfect balance of flavors and textures.


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    The All-American Sliders At Hard Rock Cafe Feature A Classic Combination Of Sweet, Tangy And Savory Flavors.


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    Pulled pork is one of the most beloved dishes in barbecue cuisine. Rhodesbbq’s slow-smoked pulled pork is a true delight, with its tender and juicy meat that is perfect for sandwiching or topping salads. 

  • Beef Burger

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    These are the ultimate steakhouse burgers. They are packed with flavor and reliably juicy, even when cooked to well-done.

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  • Bulgaria Classic Burger

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    Satisfy your burger cravings with the Bulgaria Classic Burger. It’s a mouth-watering combination of fresh, flavorful ingredients, including lightly seasoned bread crumbs, juicy iceberg lettuce, crisp red onions, and a delicious fried egg topped off with just the right amount of garlic. Our Bulgaria Classic Burger is sure to hit the spot every time. Crafted with care and attention to detail, this burger is an all-around classic that you can enjoy again and again. For a tasty and hearty meal any day of the week, pick up a Bulgaria Classic Burger today!

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  • Bulgaria Classic Double Decker Burger

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    Our Bulgaria Classic Double Decker Burger is the perfect burger for all burger-lovers. Start with two freshly-baked buns, layered with crunchy bread crumbs, then top it off with layers of succulent iceberg lettuce, red onions, egg and garlic to give it a flavorful punch. For a delicious classic meal that’s sure to impress, try the Bulgaria Classic Double Decker Burger. Perfectly seasoned and crafted with love, this double-decker burger is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Enjoy a burger like no other – grab your Bulgaria Classic Double Decker Burger today!

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  • C Burger

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    The Country Burger At Hard Rock Cafe Is A Tasty Plant-Based Patty Topped With Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickles, And Their Special Tangy Burger Sauce.

  • Cheddar Cheese burger

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    Hot & Grilled nachos smothered in cheddar cheese, beef, black olives, onions, tomato chunks and sour cream and served with salsa.

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  • Cheese Burger

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    A perfectly seasoned beef patty, covered with melted cheese and topped with pickles, onion, ketchup and mustard- all encased in a soft brioche bun.

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  • Chicken Burger

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    Special chicken burger Perfect for family burger night- or any time.Order now

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